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Current Characters in Route: Ur, Lucifer, Bartz and Will

Name: Croix Bartel
Series: Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica
Timeline: Before final battle.
Canon Resource Links:
His wiki page!


The one thing that sets Croix apart from the rest of the characters in his cast is his diligence, the immense desire to protect, and his knightly moral conduct. No matter what the situation, Croix will always fight to protect the ones that he promised his protection, which leads to his desire of wanting a peaceful world in general. Croix is the type of person who will fight for their beliefs and not stand down and take the oppression.

Croix is usually a very calm person with a good heart. He is usually the one who listens to the problem rather than stating his own and is always willing to listen to a problem that a person might have. This is to say he's not some kind of therapist, but he just wants to be a good friend. He just wants to be somebody who people can trust. Croix is also the type of person who rarely gets angry. And when he actually does get angry, there is most likely a solid reason behind it, such as threatening to take his sister away or drive him to the point of no return with irritation.

If he sees someone suffering, he will give it his all to help that person, as he did with Cocona by giving her a house, a family, when she had lost hers during an IPD Outbreak that killed her parents. Even by just extending a hand, he helped made a life a whole lot better than what it could have have been if he didn't reach out to help. In return, having Cocona live with him taught him what it meant to protect people and what family was like since he had lost his parents also. Because of her, he learned what it felt like losing dear and he claims that he would have been a heartless fighter. As we can see, the adopted little sister, Cocona, is a very big part of his life and how it impacted his personality: a cold one (with his claim of being heartless) of capturing every single IPD Reyvateil while ignoring the shouts of refusal, that reawakened as a true knight.

Now, Croix is literally a knight in the Grand Bell. So of course, he'll be a knight in terms of his position, but he acts like one as well further along the story. However, there is a plot in the story where he does feel evidently betrayed by the own government that he serves, so it forces him to make a decision whether to stay with the Grand Bell regardless ro protect the Holy Maiden, or to leave the government and protect his childhood friend. A knight that he may be, but there are things that don't go according to plan in battle or even in his life, even though he tried planning ahead. When Cocona lost control of herself due to IPD symptoms, the first thing Croix did was stand by her side, risking his life in the process because Cocona could have killed him instantly with her unstable mind at that point of time. He didn't expect the Grand Bell, his government, to betray the people, but he ultimately stuck with them anyway for the sake of protecting the Holy Maiden. From then on, he started thinking for himself instead of blindly following orders from higher ups.

Croix also posesses a strong will to keep moving onto the future. Sure, his resolve may waver for a moment, but he always bounces back and firmly stands for what he belives in. Even if people say anything bad about him (spreading rumors and the like), his strength won't falter. He will even go through great lengths to do anything for a person, especially if he has strong feelings for them. However, this makes him seem like a "dog" of some sorts, especially by the very Holy Maiden he serves. Despite the label, he still pulls his own weight and holds himself responsible for the things that he does.

Despite the cool, collected attitude that he normally shows to most people, he can be quite embarrassed even by the smallest of things. He changes the subject when girls flirt with him, look away when the topic starts getting into the matters of love, and so on. Croix is usually formal and business-like, so while he's not completely dense on the subject of love, he is... usually lacking the experience in that department. Even when somebody gets a gift for him and shoved it in his face, he'll be surprised, say his thanks, and wonder why anybody would even give him a present in the first place... Assuming that the present is from a possible love interest or a really pretty girl.



► Skilled fighter
► Loyal & Devoted
► Calm & Good thinker
► Brother Figure
► Good Adviser & Listener
► His friends
► Fighter of Dreams
► Strong Will
► Responsible


► Overprotective with those who he's close too sometimes
► If you touch his friends, he will be pissed off.
► He won't say if he's not feeling well to not worry someone. (Emotionally or Physically)
► Luca's food
► Can't stand people abusing others
► Sometimes he's too direct when expressing his opinion.
► Easily embarrassed.
► His eyesight is not really good.

Pokémon Information
Starter: Mawile ♀
Password: Grape Jelly

First Person Sample: [Video]

[The video feed turns on to reveal a playful Mawile trying to figure out the machine. When she noticed that the Pokegear turned on, she smiles and runs to her trainer to show him, who seems busy reading the Trainer's Guide.]


[Croix turned his head to look at his Mawile and moved a little closer to her.]

Please be careful with that, Mawile. I want to know how the Pokegear works before using it. If it breaks, I wouldn't know how to fix it.

[The pokemon pouted and sat down next to him, crossing her arms while doing so. After a while, Croix could feel the tension in the air and just sighed.]

If you are a good girl, I'll buy you something nice when we reach the next town. [A pause.] But you will have to behave properly.

[Mawile's eyes sparkled at that idea and she giggled again. Croix smiled a little and picked up the gear. Since it was already turned on, he might as well ask for some answers.]

My name is Croix Bartel and if someone is listening to this, I would like some answers. I have to find a way to be back to a certain place but I can't seem to find the way back to my world. Please, any information would be really appreciated. I must go back as soon as possible. I don't have time to waste...

Also, if you happen to know someone by the name of Cocona, Luca or Lady Cloche... Please, contact me immediately▬

[He's interrupted by a Mawile who picked up a flower and gave it to him, wearing a small blush on her cute face. Croix blinked a few times, before awkwardly accepting the gift and ending the feed with a awkward smile on his face.]

Third Person Sample:

This couldn't be happening to him. He was supposed to by their side. It was only a few minutes before fighting the final battle to end of all their struggling. How could this be possible? He was Lady Cloche's Knight, the one she trusted with all her soul and even opened herself to him in due time. Cocona, who was his little sister and someone he was really close to... Luca, his childhood friend and someone he owed a great debt to...

He was supposed to protect them all, to be by their side and fight for all their dreams and hopes of creating Metafalica.

"How could this be possible...?" He asked himself, trying to figure what happened. The woman in front of him who claimed to be his mother continued to smile before finally kicking him out of the house and wishing him luck on his journey. Croix looked back at the house he was just banished from and sighed once more, but this time in irritation. He stood up and turned to face that woman. "Please, Madame. Listen to what I have to say!"

And then, Croix's face met the door.

"There's no use... She won't answer me." Croix sighed to himself as he started to walk around in New Bark Town. "Someone here must know something... I have no right to ask of this but..." He paused, looking up from the ground, speaking as if Lady Cloche, Luca, and Cocona were there. "Please, wait for me a bit more." He added softly with a worried expression in his face. He knew that being trapped in a strange world without any clues was going to be rather difficult to adjust to.

Then he recalled what the woman had said several minutes ago when he was trying to explain that he wasn't her son. It was something about some creatures fighting him and fighting for him. To look for more clues, he looked through the bag that he received and found a Trainer's Manual. "So the Pokemon you capture are in a capsule called a Pokeball..." He muttered to himself, going through the bag for the said capsule. He observed it for a few seconds before throwing it, calling out his Pokemon.

It was a female Mawile, who looked up cutely at Croix. The knight blinked a few times, unsure if he wanted this cute Mawile to actually... fight. Of course, Croix had a slightly different definition of fighting and that was usually a fight to the death, but for this tiny Pokemon to do that?

"You're supposed to fight for me...?" A part of him didn't know what to think, but then the Mawile pouted and turned around, showing her huge gaping jaws, revealing all those pointy teeth. The Pokedex fell from his hands as Croix jumped back in surprise.

"Don't be taken by this Pokémon's cute face - it's very dangerous. Mawile fools the foe into letting down its guard then chomps down with its massive jaws. The steel jaws are really horns that have been transformed."

Croix eyes looked at the Mawile again after hearing that. The Mawile giggled, spun around, and started acting cute again.

"I don't think I'm going to sleep right today..." Croix sighed and went back to read the Trainer's Guide to see what else he could find out about this world. This was going to be a long day...
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