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[ Croix has been thinking in something for a long time, but with everything that has been happening around, he didn't have too much time to voice his thoughts at all. And we are not speaking about the Halloween event, thank you very much Sheryl Nome....

So, now that he has finally some time, he turns on the device to start recording something. He's still in Goldenrod, walking around the street since he just left the store. Looks like someone has been buying some things as well. ]

Good evening, Johto. I have been wanting to ask you all something, mostly because it would help me as well. [ He makes a pause at that. ]

I am not very good with names for my pokemon. In fact, I asked a friend for some help to name my started, but I do think the rest of my team would like names as well. They seem to be fond of names as well. Which lead me to think about it for some time... And the whole point of this recording as well...

How do you name your pokemons? Do you use some kind of pattern or you just go with what comes to your mind? How do you know if your pokemon liked it?

Thank you once again for your time.

Ah, Sheryl, if you have time, please call me.

[ With that said, he ends the feed. He's around Goldenrod if you want to meet up with him in person. ]


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