Jun. 13th, 2011

spear_master: ([Glasses] This is a joke; right?)
[The video feed turns on to reveal a playful Mawile trying to figure out the machine. When she noticed that the Pokegear turned on, she smiles and runs to her trainer to show him, who seems busy reading the Trainer's Guide.]


[Croix turned his head to look at his Mawile and moved a little closer to her.]

Please be careful with that, Mawile. I want to know how the Pokegear works before using it. If it breaks, I wouldn't know how to fix it.

[The pokemon pouted and sat down next to him, crossing her arms while doing so. After a while, Croix could feel the tension in the air and just sighed.]

If you are a good girl, I'll buy you something nice when we reach the next town. [A pause.] But you will have to behave properly.

[Mawile's eyes sparkled at that idea and she giggled again. Croix smiled a little and picked up the gear. Since it was already turned on, he might as well ask for some answers.]

My name is Croix Bartel and if someone is listening to this, I would like some answers. I have to find a way to be back to a certain place but I can't seem to find the way back to my world. Please, any information would be really appreciated. I must go back as soon as possible. I don't have time to waste...

Also, if you happen to know someone by the name of Cocona, Luca or Lady Cloche... Please, contact me immediately▬

[He's interrupted by a Mawile who picked up a flower and gave it to him, wearing a small blush on her cute face. Croix blinked a few times, before awkwardly accepting the gift and ending the feed with a awkward smile on his face.]


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