Sep. 7th, 2011

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[ Croix's house feels empty today, and he knows it. It took him some hours to stop his own denial that she would be gone after so long. In some part, after all the confusion, he knew that she was fine in their world. Even so, it still hurt that he couldn't be there to protect her anymore. There were many thoughts inside his head, so Croix decided to take a small walk outside the house. Goldenrod was a big city after all, so maybe he could reorganize his thoughts about what to do now.

He really missed her. But first, he also knew that Cocona had many friends here. It was the best to inform them about the situation, right? Croix's mind worked with that logic. Grabbing his PokeGear, he turned the on the device to start recording a new video.]

Hello everyone.

Those who knew my sister Cocona, I wanted to let you all know that she has returned to our world this day. I have searched for her and tried to contact her, but there's no trace that she is here anymore. I know many of you were friends with her and she spend this whole time in good hands.

I wanted to thank you all for it. It really means a lot to know about the wonderful stories she had here. If you have any of her pokemons, could you please tell me? I just want to keep track since I have no intentions of taking them away from your hands.

Good evening.

[The video feed ends there, and Croix decides to sit down near the Pokemon Center. there was a long sigh as he just took this time to think about everything.]


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