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ANON: yes
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[ Croix has been thinking in something for a long time, but with everything that has been happening around, he didn't have too much time to voice his thoughts at all. And we are not speaking about the Halloween event, thank you very much Sheryl Nome....

So, now that he has finally some time, he turns on the device to start recording something. He's still in Goldenrod, walking around the street since he just left the store. Looks like someone has been buying some things as well. ]

Good evening, Johto. I have been wanting to ask you all something, mostly because it would help me as well. [ He makes a pause at that. ]

I am not very good with names for my pokemon. In fact, I asked a friend for some help to name my started, but I do think the rest of my team would like names as well. They seem to be fond of names as well. Which lead me to think about it for some time... And the whole point of this recording as well...

How do you name your pokemons? Do you use some kind of pattern or you just go with what comes to your mind? How do you know if your pokemon liked it?

Thank you once again for your time.

Ah, Sheryl, if you have time, please call me.

[ With that said, he ends the feed. He's around Goldenrod if you want to meet up with him in person. ]
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[ Croix's house feels empty today, and he knows it. It took him some hours to stop his own denial that she would be gone after so long. In some part, after all the confusion, he knew that she was fine in their world. Even so, it still hurt that he couldn't be there to protect her anymore. There were many thoughts inside his head, so Croix decided to take a small walk outside the house. Goldenrod was a big city after all, so maybe he could reorganize his thoughts about what to do now.

He really missed her. But first, he also knew that Cocona had many friends here. It was the best to inform them about the situation, right? Croix's mind worked with that logic. Grabbing his PokeGear, he turned the on the device to start recording a new video.]

Hello everyone.

Those who knew my sister Cocona, I wanted to let you all know that she has returned to our world this day. I have searched for her and tried to contact her, but there's no trace that she is here anymore. I know many of you were friends with her and she spend this whole time in good hands.

I wanted to thank you all for it. It really means a lot to know about the wonderful stories she had here. If you have any of her pokemons, could you please tell me? I just want to keep track since I have no intentions of taking them away from your hands.

Good evening.

[The video feed ends there, and Croix decides to sit down near the Pokemon Center. there was a long sigh as he just took this time to think about everything.]
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[This video begins with a red eye staring at the camera for a long time. Apparently, the owner of such eye seems to be busy searching for something like to notice that the device was one. Soon, and with a small sound at Croix's voice, the creature quickly grabs the camera among with other things and runs away, turning the device off.

Fifteen minutes later, another video starts with a certain voice of Croix's Mawile calling out for him. When she moves away, now the video records Croix kneeling down to grab the pokegear and looking at his Mawile again. It seem he doesn't realize that it was on, or he would have turn it off.]

It must be close. Please, keep searching for it, Mawile.

[The pokemon replied with a small nod as both of them start running away. For what it seems, they are around Route 35 searching for something or someone. It didn't take a long time before the Mawile made another sound calling for her trainer. Croix quickly moved to where she was, just to find out something really... interesting.]


[Now the video shows a wounded Nidoran♀, wrapped around what it seems to be some part of Croix's clothes, and resting her body against his bag. Next to her, and giving her the some food, is a Nidoran♂ wearing a worried expression on her face. It's clearly obvious why he went all the way to stole things from trainers around Goldenrod. The bags of other trainers are spread around the grass as well.

At a small noise coming from the other side of the pair of Nidorans, a trainer appears. Without hesitation, the Nidoran♂ moves in front of the Nidoran♀ to protect her from any harm. The trainer sees that and quickly realizes what was going on, and for what it looked in his face, he wasn't really happy about it.]

So it was you who stole my bag! I will teach you a lesson, you little▬

[The Nidoran♂ launches himself to attack the trainer with the hostile attitude, but he ends missing and it makes the trainer gain the possibility to attack him while he recovers. The trainer doesn't hesitate in kicking him against a tree with all his strenght and the small pokemon cries in pain.]

I will capture you two so you will not forget who is the trainer here!

[At that, the small, weak Nidoran♀ flinches and starts to tremble, opposing the idea. But she's unable to move well because of her own wounds, so she starts calling the Nidoran♂ for help. The trainer steps closer and when was about to grab a pokeball, Croix steps between them with his Mawile next to him.]

I will not let you do that. Have you not realized that he was trying to protect her?! How can you hurt them so badly for no reason?!

Just who are you? They stole your things too! How can you want to help them after that? Get out of my way!

No! I will take full responsibility for what they did, but I am not going to let you continue with this! Those two need medical attention, and they need it now!

Is that what you want? So be it! I want my stuff back and you can keep them if you so want!

[The trainer moved to where the Nidoran♂, who was slowly standing up, was and kicked it again against Croix face. He didn't hesitate in open his arms to catch it before it hit another try, but in the process Nidoran♂'s wounded Croix's hand, making him flinch a bit in pain.

His Mawile was not pleased, as she quickly jumped and showed her fangs to the trainer as a way to treating him for what he did. Croix's pokegear fell on the floor, as did some of his blood. The Nidoran♂ made a worried sound, because he didn't mean to hurt the one who was trying to protect them, and the Pokedex's function starts again.]

"Nidoran♂, It is small, but its horn is filled with poison. It charges then stabs with the horn to inject poison. "

[All the pokemons present made a worried sound, and Croix made a gesture to not worry them. Instead of that, he grabbed the wounded Nidoran♀'s body in his arms and start running again, this time heading to the Pokemon Center.]

I'm fine. But I want to heal your friend before anything... Mawile, please, bring all the bags that belong to other trainers with us.

[The Mawile nodded, still worried, but started to bring them all with her. Then, she notices that the device was on and just grabs it before she starts pushing all the shiny lights until it ends. Croix will be replying some minutes later everything, once he realizes that it was recording it.]
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[The video feed turns on to reveal a playful Mawile trying to figure out the machine. When she noticed that the Pokegear turned on, she smiles and runs to her trainer to show him, who seems busy reading the Trainer's Guide.]


[Croix turned his head to look at his Mawile and moved a little closer to her.]

Please be careful with that, Mawile. I want to know how the Pokegear works before using it. If it breaks, I wouldn't know how to fix it.

[The pokemon pouted and sat down next to him, crossing her arms while doing so. After a while, Croix could feel the tension in the air and just sighed.]

If you are a good girl, I'll buy you something nice when we reach the next town. [A pause.] But you will have to behave properly.

[Mawile's eyes sparkled at that idea and she giggled again. Croix smiled a little and picked up the gear. Since it was already turned on, he might as well ask for some answers.]

My name is Croix Bartel and if someone is listening to this, I would like some answers. I have to find a way to be back to a certain place but I can't seem to find the way back to my world. Please, any information would be really appreciated. I must go back as soon as possible. I don't have time to waste...

Also, if you happen to know someone by the name of Cocona, Luca or Lady Cloche... Please, contact me immediately▬

[He's interrupted by a Mawile who picked up a flower and gave it to him, wearing a small blush on her cute face. Croix blinked a few times, before awkwardly accepting the gift and ending the feed with a awkward smile on his face.]
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"You have tried to contact Croix Bartel. I'm sorry, but for some reason I couldn't answer in time. Leave a message and I'll answer it as soon as I can▬ Mawile, don't do that▬!"


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